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Why Window Cleaning is that expensive?

Nov 17, 2020

Why window cleaning is that expensive? Prices are different across the UK- in Reading, it can be 25 % – 50 % more compared to the North of England’s prices. These charges can be influenced by several factors, but generally speaking, the main component is time, or in other words, how much the window cleaner sells his/her time? Another element is the business model, which we can differentiate into 4 types:

1. Part-time window cleaners

2. Cowboy window cleaners

3. Small window cleaning specialists

4. Contractor or maintenance companies.

Part-time window cleaners 

are people who would like to compliment their main salary, therefore managing a small amount of customer base with relatively low expenses. Mostly sole traders.

Who are cowboy window cleaners?

Cowboy window cleaner is an expression, commonly used by professional window cleaners to describe a group of people who provide lower quality window cleaning.

Unlike in Scotland, there’s no government licensing in England – this means anyone can be window cleaner.

The merit of cowboy window cleaner virtues are:

– uninsured

– un-uniformed

– avoid paying tax

Small window cleaning specialists

business’ with about 1 – 4 employees, managing an average 1000 customers’ requirements.

Expenses of a small business are significantly higher than part-time counterparts. Above a certain amount of customer base, business administration become more important. Logistics, marketing, sales, return-of-investment just a few factors a business owner need to take into consideration.


contractors or maintenance companies

are also providing window cleaning as an additional service. These companies have

invested a huge amount into equipment, training, vehicles etc…

Let’s face it, window cleaning is not rocket science, and you don’t need a master’s degree to run a window cleaning business, but business owners need to have a certain knowledge in order to understand the “behind the scenes” tasks.

Window cleaning expenses

The below-mentioned expenses are based on a small window cleaning business and can be divide into two separate part: Operational and Business expenses.

Operational expenses/annum:

– Purified water: £4680

– Equipment/vehicle maintenance: £3500

– Gas: £1620

– New equipment: £500

– Insurance ( with treatment risk, and equipment cover) £400

Business expenses:

– Marketing: £1000

– Sales: £500

– Tax: £1000 – £5000

– ROI: 25%

– Logistics: £10

– CRM: £264

– Office software: £200

– Salaries: £18.000 – £25.000 x 1; 2; 3; 4


Window cleaning iceberg

Let’s face it, window cleaning is not rocket science

Is window cleaning expensive?

As you can see expenses can easily soar to the sky, therefore window cleaners have to calculate into it the price. There are more, micro and macro economical factors also a great deal, as well as competition and time, business owners need to take into consideration.

I believe effective management and lifelong learning is the key to successfully run any business. It’s important to be able to offer spotless windows at the end of each visit, but further development needs to be implemented into the system.


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