How to clean your upper windows during the lockdown: 5 tools for homeowners that can help clean your upper windows


window cleaning during lockdown

Most of the homeowners do not like cleaning windows. It’s because window cleaning can be dangerous and time-consuming. But what can we do? It’s almost summer the sun is shining, and we’ve just stuck inside in this pandemic.

There are several ways to clean windows but cleaning the upper windows is the tricky part for the homeowners. To avoid any risks we created a list for you can help carry out the window cleaning from the ground.

The following list below contains 4 tools and recommendations to you and an extra to get rid of the spots and dots from your windows.


  1. Telescopic window cleaner 3.5m £49.99

telescopic window cleaner

Telescopic window cleaner is the no.1 choice to easily clean the high windows. The 5-12 foot extension allows you to reach 1st and 2nd-floor windows. The pole has a scrubber and a squeegee combo. The scrubber is a washable microfibre brush allows you to use it several times. My tip: when using this combo I recommend you to use two brushes. When you clean your windows first time you may need to apply a detergent to get rid of the layered dirt. Scrub your windows first then rinse it with water lastly squeegee it. Make sure you wash the brush properly. Next time you do not need to use any soap just scrub it with the wet brush and squeegee it down. You can find an example tool here: Amazon


  1. Karcher window vacuum with an extension set. Extension £52.99 and vac £49.99

window vac with extension

The Karcher window vacuum is the 2nd on the list can be useful to clean your windows in & outside. Why is it great? Because the vac removes the wastewater from the surface immediately before it drips down. The window vac technology is constantly evolving the company promise is you can clean up to 35 windows on a single charge. Of course, to clean the upper windows you will need an extension. The squeegee is absolutely adjustable and lets you to perfectly clean the window edge. The vac comes with two head and the smaller one good for cleaning diamond windows.

Vac, Extension


  1. Apartment friendly window cleaning kit £27.89.

u-shaped window cleaner

The U shaped window cleaner can be your best choice if your windows need a decent scrub. This tool allows you to clean your exterior windows while you are inside the room. To wash the top corners can be tricky and also to blade but it’s possible. Amazon


  1. Magnetic Window cleaner £39.99

magnetic window cleaner

One of the best home window cleaning improvements is the magnetic window cleaner. The secret of the product is a powerful magnet to ensure the cleaner doesn’t fall. In my personal opinion, this tool has a huge potential to become one of the best window cleaner tools in the future. The reason for being last on the list is that you won’t be able to clean certain types of windows such as diamond. Amazon


+1. Local window cleaner £8 – £25

window cleaning in reading

The list above showcased a few tools can help you reach and clean your windows. Although you may consider calling a professional to get rid of the dirt. Your local window cleaner in Reading can help you clean your glasses, frames and sills for less money. Window cleaners are among cleaners and gardeners are not classed as key workers, but they do fall into the ‘exception’ category, meaning they are allowed to leave home and travel for work.